Friday, November 18, 2016

Protect your private information against data breach with Document Capture

Most data breaches occur in North America.  Can you imagine the dangerous effects on both society and the economy they cause? It is estimated that in 2015 alone, 707 million records were exposed due to data breaches and this number is predicted to cost $2.1 trillion annually. These breaches not only cost companies exorbitant amounts in damages, but they are also detrimental to their reputations. If curious, for a list of know breaches use this Wikipedia link:
Documents in both paper and digital form are in danger of security risks. Physically stored documents are at risk of theft, damage by fires or natural disasters, and exposed to unauthorized access.  Sensitive information or documents stored in unsecured email servers, network folders and other digital locations lacking appropriate security are exposed to malicious cyber attacks. If this confidential data is leaked or stolen, besides the monetary losses your business could face the risk of losing the confidence of customers, partners and investors.

With the evolving landscape of technology and security, keeping private documents safe is a global challenge, but it can be accomplished. With the help of document capture software your business’ sensitive data and documents can be captured, processed and stored with high security. Here are 3 ways that document capture can protect your company from a data breach:
1.   Utilize a secure digital repository.
A product like inFORM Decisions’ document capture softwareiCapture can capture scanned paper documents or documents imported from a variety of digital storage locations, extract the data and transform the documents in searchable PDF documents. iCapture can also create a PDF password to protect your most sensitive documents. These documents can then be automatically routed to any of 60+ compatible Enterprise Content Management systems including Microsoft’s SharePoint. Also, iCapture is able to integrate with your ECM security system, leaving no gaps in security during the capture process. The result is that sensitive information is better protected and your company has greatly decreased the risk of a document security breach.
2.   Assign user roles for security.
iCapture allows you to assign roles to determine which modules and document types (configurations) can be accessed by each operator. This process can eliminate the possibility of information being accessed by the unauthorized personnel. Your ECM system should also provide the ability to assign specific roles to users so that sensitive information is only accessible to those with proper administration rights.
3.   Monitor suspicious activity.
The Reporting module in iCapture allows you to review any action to your documents and prevent them from any breaches or harmful actions, such as after-hours access or other irregular activity. Early detection can both mitigate and help prevent future security issues.
Investing in a document capture system like iCapture is the perfect way to protect your business’ documents. Contact us today to learn more!



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