Sunday, November 20, 2016

Debunking the myths about document capture (part 1)

The global document capture software market has witnessed significant growth over the past ten years with the advent of multitude of solutions from different providers. You may get confused and wonder what document capture software is right for your business. Or whether the proposed software is worth your time and money?

In this post, we will expose some of the popular myths about document capture to help you avoid misconceptions and make an informed decision for your business:

1.  Too expensive to purchase
Do not base your purchase decision base purely on price. Rather you have to consider the included features and long-term value. The main factor is to choose a system based on your business requirements - volume of paper, type of documents, amount of data being captured and operating budget, etc. Depending on these criteria, you can quickly decide on a solution your business really needs, can afford and will ultimately save money for your organization. 
2.  It will take a long time to see ROI on document capture. 
In the early days of document capture this might have been a valid concern, but the new features have the ability to create new document type configurations on the fly and have reduced the time it takes to set up an implementation from what one took several days to a mere minutes. Since configuration is done so quickly, your organization can realistically begin to see a ROI within days.

3.  Desktop scanning is enough to digitizall paper documents.
Digitalizing paper documents is just a part of the total value that document capture software provides. Small companies usually carry out a simple back-file document conversion project. In this case, a basic capture solution might meet their needs. But for medium and large organizations, or small ones that intend to expand their business in the future should choose an advanced document automation system like iCapture, which offers full range of capabilities. Some great advantages of this tool include the ability to capture documents from any location within your company, automatically integrate with other systems, and deliver both scalability and high availability for those mission critical processes.
4.  Document capture is a one-size-fits-all solution. 
Document capture should never be one-size-fits-all. Every business differs from the others in term of size, industry type and the growth rateinFORM Decisions fully recognizes that the needs of businesses are extremely variable, which is why our software is fully customizable and scalable. It's also compatible with just about any scanning device and more than 60 ECM systems, truly making it a solution for any organization.
5.  Document Security.
Document security risks come in both paper and digital form. Documents that are physically stored are at risk of theft, damage from floods and fires, and exposure to unauthorized personnel.  With iCapture, you can assign roles to determine which modules and document types (configurations) can be accessed by each operator. This eliminates the possibility for information to be accessed by the wrong personnel. Your ECM system should also provide the ability to assign specific roles to users so that sensitive information is only accessible to those authorized to have it.
Keep following our blog to read part 2 of this post and we will help you debunk the common myths associated with document capture.


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