Sunday, December 11, 2016

Signs that your business urgently needs a document capture system?

A Document capture system has become so prevalent to every organization that despite currently lacking such a system, you are probably aware of the tremendous benefits that it could provide. But do you know how to leverage and implement an advanced capture solution? Or take the best advantage of such a marvelous tool? Here are 5 signs that your business needs a capture system immediately:
1.  Being drowned in manual processes
We have worked with clients including large and small corporations and identified one great challenge that almost every business faces today. With focus on manufacturing and installation, they receive thousands of vendor bills and invoices each month, each of which was manually processed and had to be stored for decades. Investing in iCapture – the powerful document capture software from inFORM Decisions would allow any company to effortlessly process these invoices and store them in a digital archive, eliminating complicated, error-prone manual processing.    
2.  Costly and inefficient document storage
Normally, your company gets used to storing documents in a multitude of filing cabinets in your office space. Or, you may have endured a bad experience of storing files at a third party storage location and a spending great deal of money in fees each month. But forget all of these issues! IFD’s capture software could automate cumbersome processes and support your business on the way to going paperless.
3.  Low productivity and time-consuming operation
How many times have you or your Accounts Payable staff had to manually retrieve the requested files and then return them to the file cabinets. By implementing iCapture, your AP staff is now able to pull up any required document via an OCR engine for searchable PDFs. Your company can boost productivity at work and save great amount of time because your staff no longer has to spend hours manually retrieving physical documents from storage.
4.  Scattered information obstructs your business processes
For large corporations or companies which have multiple branches, dealing with physical contracts stored across its various locations could be a tough challenge. Investing in iCapture and the SharePoint solution allows your company to move your current contracts to a digital format, and automate the processing of all new documents. You now have full visibility of the business as a whole and are able to accurately forecast and make informed decisions for the company.
Does your company face any of all issues above? Contact inFORM Decisions now to get started with iCapture – a powerful solution for your company!



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