Thursday, December 8, 2016

4 key tips to facilitate user adoption of your document capture system.

Since you’re reading this post, you’ve probably purchased document capture software. But it’s not enough to just choose the right software, it’s also exceptionally important to step in the right direction and garner user adoption among your team members to project maximize the efficiency of your capture project.
Here are 4 key tips to stimulate user adoption of your capture solution:
1.  Start small.
Don't go in with the expectation of utilizing the solution in every department from the get-go. Narrow in on one or two departments which are in urgent need of document capture software and start there. This could limit the scope of any issues you may encounter and lower risks. Once the solution is well understood in that department and the staff is excited about the results, consider branching out to other departments.
2.  Get key influencers on board.
It's important to get the leadership team on board with the changes, but you should also work on getting buy-in from other strategic team members who are likely to spread the good word about positive changes. The employee from accounting whose job was just infinitely simplified or the human resources director whose onboarding process is now automated would be great influencers. The more they can share about their positive experiences with their co-workers, the more buy-in you are likely to have throughout the organization.
3.  Serious training.
It is extremely important that your staff is familiar with the software because they are the ones who directly experience and use it. Make sure that the right people are participating in the training for your new capture software and that they are devoting their full attention to the training. While a product like iCapture  is user-friendly, your organization will get the most out of it if the team members who will be using the software have been properly trained. If new people are going to begin using the software, or if your team could use a refresher on features, it might be worth investing in another training.
4.  Set specific goals and evaluate your progress.
Your goal of implementing document capture software has to meet all your requirements such as reducing processing time, department costs or storage space. Clearly outline your goal and make periodic assessments to determine if the solution is working and whether you need to make any changes.
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