Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why law firms prefer to utilize IFD’s capture software?

Similar to other companies, law firms have to face downward pricing pressure from clients together with tons of work that needs handling. If working in a law firm of legal department, you know there’re thousands of documents accompanying each and every case. This is forcing your organization to adopt new methods in daily processing that emphasize efficiency, enhanced loss prevention and the reduction of time and money. Meeting all these requirements, IFD’s capture software  is the ideal solution. Here are 3 outstanding features of iCapture that your law firm will appreciate:

1.  Document redaction.
Redaction is the familiar process in legal industry that may be cumbersome and time-consuming sometimes. But now, with the help of iCapture, the task of redacting information is as a piece of cake! IFD’s advanced pattern matching technology can quickly parse documents for the data and automatically redact it, drastically reducing the time spent to process documents.
2.  Integration with Case Management Systems
Perhaps you worry about moving documents from the document management system you’ve already implemented to the advanced capture software. It’s not a problem! iCapture integrates with more than 60 different systems, including several commonly used case management systems, like Concordance and Worldox. Also, our capture software can perform with most copiers and scanners on the market today.
3.  Automated Bates numbering
The manual Bates stamping process is extremely time-consuming, not to mention that it is vulnerable to human error, which can lead to setbacks. iCapture can perform automatic Bates stamping, providing an easy and accurate way to organize multipage documents.
Besides the outstanding features I mentioned above, iCapture also offers you huge benefits such as:
·      Eliminate the cost of document storage, free up office space and stop paying costly offsite storage fees.
·      Create efficiency and improve productivity
·      Automate any document scanning process
·      Standardized and make repeatable capture workflow
·      Confidential data is kept secure and compliance with regulatory agencies is maintained
·      Converting files to searchable PDFs helping you easily find documents
·      Integration with your existing infrastructure allows for a painless transition to paper-free processes
·      Automatic classification and indexing speeds up document processing
·      Improve security systems and control access
If you are still hesitating about benefits of IFD’s advanced capture software, why don’t you request for a demo and get real experience now?


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