Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Debunking the myths about document capture (part 2)

Continuing from part 1, this post will help you avoid perpetuating harmful misconceptions about document capture:

6. All capture solutions are the same. 
Actually, every ECM provider uses some version of a document scanning and capture platform, which leads to the misunderstanding that all capture software is the same. There are fundamental differences between a basic scanning program and a document automation solution like iCapture. The bottom line is that IFD’s advanced document capture provides a high level of automation and efficiency that basic scanning programs simply do not have. All of our innovation and development efforts are spent on perfecting capture to a science, and you'll see that difference in our product.       
7. Document capture is only only useful for paper documents. 
Document capture software not only works well for paper files, but it can be effective for digital files as well. No matter what sorts, lengths and sizes of your documents, an advanced capture system can route, sort, classify and import digital files directly to your cloud provider. Then, it can be sent to any department within or outside your organization depending on your requirements.
8. The capture program requires a large professional IT staff.
IFD’s software is designed for such high level of automation that most of your staff will not even know that it’s running. It’s extremely user-friendly software that can be administered by any department and the automated capture and extraction technology can essentially be a self-running mechanism.
9. Document capture is only necessary for large companies.
The truth is nearly opposite. In fact, due to document capture software’s productivity and efficiency, small businesses can realize the biggest benefit. When you have a limited number of staff, you need to utilize everyone's abilities to the fullest. With your employees freed up from doing manual scanning and data entry tasks, they can optimize their time and become a much more powerful workforce.

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