Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why iCapture and Document Management BPO Companies are a perfect fit

The main advantage of any BPO is the way in which it helps increase a company’s flexibility.  However, due to their specific work and needs, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations have to be selective in choosing their document management. They serve a wide range of clients in different industries daily. Thus, they require a level of versatility and scalability that can be difficult to find with most capture programs.
Apart from some document capture providers that have added extra features to meet requirements of BPO companies, iCapture was built with the BPO/service bureau industry in mind. Understanding clients’ needs, we have worked closely with service bureaus to develop, extend features, and offer powerful end-to-end business solutions that increase customers’ efficiency and improve their bottom lines.
Below are some outstanding features that benefit document management BPO companies and service bureaus:
1.   Full-blown document automation: with document capture softwareiCapture, your document processes are no longer painful. Some features like classification and advanced data extraction will help you create a document workflow that eliminate or reduce the need to perform manual tasks.
2.   Unlimited licensing: The ability to capture as many images as you need to in a given year is crucial for BPO companies that take on multiple large projects each year.
3.   The unlimited workstation license is ideal for service bureaus with employees dedicated to performing document processing after the documents have been captured. 
4.   Built for unlimited scan environments, a workstation license can be used in conjunction with high-speed scanners or to auto-import images.
5.   If your company doesn't have the need for an unlimited license, you can continue to capture images by purchasing  reserve banks of images.
6.   iCapture and its full feature set is fully customizable and scalable to fit your current needs as well as offering growth potential.
7.   iCapture offers a single solution for all your document capture and indexing needs.
8.   Flexible image import capabilities iCapture has a way to get your documents imported for capture.
9.   Integration capabilities with more than 50 ECM systems including the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
10.    Efficient quality assurance features provide dual views so you can get a simple view of indexed data or a view that included batch and folder structures. It is easy to attach notes, redact, sort and combine documents.
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